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Simple System 
Entering Data For An End Manifold

The schematic presented provides definitions of component locations for a simple distribution system.  The system details are:
  • End manifold configuration
  • 3 laterals each 50 ft in length and 1.5 in. diameter.
  • Constant orifice diameter, 3/16 in.,  and spacing, 5 ft., for all three laterals.
  • Lateral elevations are all equal and set to arbitrary datum elevation of 100 ft. above mean sea level (MSL)
  • Lateral spacing 7 ft. on center. (Manifold section length will be 7 ft.)
  • Manifold diameters are all the same and equal 2 in.
  • Forcemain length is 50 ft and forcemain diameter is 2 in.
  • Pumping liquid level (the average liquid level in the dose chamber) is 85 ft above MSL
  • Discharge elevation is 100 ft above MSL
  • Hazen-Williams coefficient for new pipe is set to 140
  • Pump discharge piping is14 ft. in length, 1.5 in. diameter with three 90 degree bends

    When you start Squirt, you must accept the license agreement.  Next you will be shown a window prompting you for a file to open.  For this tutorial click Cancel to close the Open File window.  Squirt starts with some data already loaded into the grid, you will be replacing the startup data with values presented in this tutorial.  
  • This example uses 3 laterals so enter a 3 in the "Number of Laterals" input box and click on "Update Grid".  Notice that the "Update Grid" button is inactive until a value is entered in the "Number of Laterals" input box.  This is to avoid clicking the "Update Grid" button when you don't mean to change the grid dimensions.  If the program beeps at you when you click on the button, check to see if it is prompting you to save your work.  You can enter a file name and save it or you can cancel the "Save As" window. 
  • Be sure the "End Manifold Configuration"   button is showing. If it is not, click on the "Pitchfork Manifold Configuration"  button to toggle between the two.  
  • Enter the data into the appropriate locations.  Notice that the Segment B Length column values are set to zero for all three laterals.  This is because the laterals are constructed of 1.5 inch diameter pipe for their entire length. You still need to enter a diameter in the Segment B Diameter Column.

    The main screen showing these input values is presented below.

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