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Pressurized Drainfield Design Solutions

  • Squirt 2009 - screenshot.

  • Why spend hours on spreadsheet equations, checking and re-checking cell references and modifying your spreadsheet each time a simple change is made, only to have to troubleshoot drainfield malfunctions in the field? Squirt allows the designer to quickly define the pressure distribution system, view results and automatically select the right pumps for the job. With Squirt you can analyze alternate configurations for residential, community and commercial drainfields in minutes. Squirt is user-friendly with an intuitive interface that guides the designer through the calculation process to ensure compliance with state and local regulations. The designer no longer needs to arbitrarily oversize components to achieve uniform distribution. With Squirt you can optimize each system, reducing construction and operating costs.

  • See our video presentations to learn about Squirt's capabilities.

  • Squirt Features Include:

  • Unlimited laterals within a single system.

  • Variable lateral lengths and diameters.

  • Variable orfice spacing to accommodate sites where soil properties are not uniform.

  • Variable manifold section length and diameter.

  • Variable lateral lateral elevations to accommodate site topography.

  • Variable manifold configurations including central, end and "pitchfork"

  • Two methods of adding pump data and performance characteristics.

  • Auto system flow pressure curve generation.

  • Auto identification of pump's "best efficiency point" and auto pump selection based on user specified operating conditions.

  • Chose between Darcy-Weisbach or Hazen-Williams friction loss equation; auto solution to pump and system operating point, giving residual pressure at operating point.

  • Full selectable pipe fitting selection tool; designer graphically adds fittings to be included in calculations.

  • Auto lift station calculations; lift station may have multiple pumps, chambers, variable input and extended time period simulations.

  • Pipe hydraulics calculator for quick single pipe calculations.

  • Pumping cost calculator provides monthly and annual costs based on flow rate, total dynamic head, pump efficiency and electrical cost.

  • Standard Windows features such as file operations and integrated help systems.

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